Review Excerpts
  • “F. Gerard Errante is one of our finest clarinetists, possessing a virtuoso technique, beautiful rich sound, and flawless musicality.” Musical America
  • “Errante quickly impressed as both a first-rate player and a lively advocate of the avant-garde.” The New York Times
  • “F. Gerard Errante is, indeed, a MONSTER of a performer.” Living Music
  • “F. Gerard Errante is an active composer, teacher, and instrumentalist of extraordinary technique, fluency, and boldness.” The New Music Connoisseur
  • “Errante is a scholar and a virtuoso clarinetist. ... The program provided an impressive display of Errante’s skills.” The Washington Post
  • “Errante is a gifted musician with a fluid approach to his instrument and an appealingly offhand stage presence.” The Philadelphia Inquirer
  • “A leading exponent of new music ... Errante proved himself a sterling musician with unshakable technique and as lovely a tone as one might ever expect to hear” Milwaukee Sentinel
  • “Errante's comments before each piece and especially his consummate command of every aspect of the performance made it a memorable and delightful evening.” St. Louis Post-Dispatch
  • “F. Gerard Errante is an extraordinary, virtuoso clarinetist.” American Academy in Rome News
F. Gerrard Errante
  • “Errante’s stage manner is excellent. He obviously enjoys playing and projects his music from the stage in a convincing manner.” N.R.C. Handelsblad
    Rotterdam, Netherlands
  • “A highly qualified American clarinettist ... Errante drew on a huge tonal spectrum, immaculately produced, to display an impressive avant-garde virtuosity.” The Sydney Morning Herald
    Sydney, Australia
  • “His performance opened a new world for the clarinet. ... Errante performed complicated procedures with confidence. He gave a performance which riveted the attention of the audience.” Music Art
    Tokyo, Japan
  • “ The audience was captivated by Errante’s sincerity, dedication, and technical brilliance.” The Fiji Times
  • “The formidable contemporary music programme he gave showed a superb imagination and technical control, coupled with a lively and informative presentation ... one of new music’s most energetic advocates” Clarinet and Saxophone
    London, England
  • “Errante not only has a tremendous amount to offer but also puts it across with such magnetism and vitality. ... He presents the work with a degree of presence and involvement that draws you raptly into the music no matter how outrageously modern” Christchurch Star
    Christchurch, New Zealand
  • Errante’s performance at Studio Kinshicho demonstrated a masterful technique. The innovative repertoire, including his own compositions, kept the large audience completely captivated.” Japan Clarinet Society Journal