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New Music for Clarinet ... Another Look

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New Music for Clarinet Another Look
2016 Ravello Records

New Music for Clarinet Another Look - cover
  • “F. Gerard Errante distinguishes himself admirably and spearheads an anthology of provocative contemporary modern chamber works on New Music for Clarinet, Another Look. ... Errante has agility and remarkable tone control. He can dive artistically into extended techniques and revert to more conventional articulations with ease and grace. Indeed his formidable and imaginative approach seem tailor-made for the works on the program. They are lively, exciting and varied in the most capable hands of Errante. ... It is a re-release that fully rewards us with a program of all-too-neglected music in remarkable performances. Errante soars and the music does not fail to enchant!” Gapplegate Classical-Modern Music Review
  • “The style of clarinet playing in which F. Gerard Errante was/is an absolute master depends heavily on the player’s ability to perform a vast array of extended techniques such as multiphonics, pitch bending, quarter tones, and a command of the extreme altissimo register. Errante was one of the first and one of the best who could do such things having heard F. Gerard Errante before, I remain in awe of his unique abilities.” Audiophile Audition
  • “The project's mastermind, F. Gerard Errante, brings his own expert technique and understanding to these works. ... Errante ... makes masterful use of the delay's potential. ... it is extraordinary to hear Errante present listeners with such an energetic rendering of his ideas. ... This album is outstanding in variety and execution. Very highly recommended.” The Clarinet
  • “A must for serious performers of the clarinet looking for modern repertoire. Errante has certainly made a fine case for these works over the span of his career and this release is sort of an homage to his accomplishments.” Cinemusical
  • “This release is definitely a very intriguing collection for lovers of contemporary clarinet ... it gives Errante free rein for his virtuoso and expressive talents.” Kathodik
With the 1976 publication of Bruno Bartolozzi’s groundbreaking book New Sounds for Woodwind, and the exciting pioneering work of the adventurous clarinetists William O. Smith, Hans Rudolf Stalder, and Alan Hacker among others, the 60s and 70s were an exciting time for developments in the clarinet world. I was fortunate to have been caught up in that era of experimentation, and have recorded a number of works on LPs in the 70s and 80s. This CD is a re-release of some of those compositions that I believe have stood the test of time, and are worthy of another look by clarinetists and those interested in innovative works of the late 20th century.

Retrospective projects can be an unconnected collection of works with little cohesive substance – not the case with NEW MUSIC FOR CLARINET ANOTHER LOOK. Errante has carefully culled his recorded catalog and compiled a widely diverse collection of clarinet compositions that document the maturation, beauty, and humor found along the time line of the development of this fantastically new body of literature for the clarinet. William O. Smith’s presence on the project is axiomatic as the “Godfather of New Music for the Clarinet”. Errante has assembled some of the hallmarks and pinnacles of this time of exploration for the instrument, but has left the distinct possibility for a second (and possibly a third) compendium of both historical and musical significance.

This compilation is a long overdue offering from an artist who has expanded and redefined the recent body of literature for the clarinet, and who has nurtured contemporary music for other instruments as well. These selections, spanning several decades, are navigational markers for the constellations of contemporary clarinet creations inspired by or created by F. Gerard Errante.

Audio Sample: Solo for Clarinet with Delay System ; Composer: William O. Smith
Audio Sample: Four Studies for Clarinet and EVI ; Composer: Vladimir Ussachevsky
Audio Sample: A Simple Caprice ; Composer: Adolphus Hailstork
Audio Sample: Piece for Clarinet “Alone” ; Composer: Dana Wilson
Audio Sample: The Dissolution of the Serial ; Composer: Sydney Hodkinson
The Lyric Clarinet

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The Lyric Clarinet
2014 Ravello Records

The Lyric Clarinet - cover
  • “(Errante's) playing here is superb ... There are twenty-one short little gems in this recital and this represents some beautiful and relaxing listening for anyone, I should imagine. For serious clarinetists, here is another look – perhaps that ‘rediscovery’ – at one of the country’s great players and whose artistry we should all emulate.” Audiophile Audition
  • “This album is dedicated to transcriptions of vocal music with the goal to treat the clarinet as a true singing instrument. The transcriptions themselves were done by F. Gerard Errante himself and he really has managed to free himself from clarinet dogma and make the instrument as flexible as a human voice. Even though some of the recordings are from live concerts, there is no noticeable difference between those and the studio recordings. Schubert's Nacht und Traume is a beautiful example of his blend of unique lyricism and stunningly controlled and beautiful clarinet playing. I think his goal of making our instrument sound like a human voice teaches an important lesson about lyricism and musicianship from which we can all benefit.” The Clarinet
Audio Sample: Milonga de dos hermanos ; Composer: Carlos Guastavino
Audio Sample: Beau Soir ; Composer: Claude Debussy
Audio Sample: lunar lace ; Composer: D. Gause
Audio Sample: Widmung ; Composer: Robert Schumann
Audio Sample: The Apple Orchard ; Composer: Lori Laitman
Audio Sample: Send in the Clowns ; Composer: Stephen Sondheim
Delicate Balance

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Delicate Balance
F. Gerard Errante
2010 Aucourant Records

Delicate Balance - cover
  • “F. Gerard Errante has been at the forefront of new music exploration with electronics and mixed media for some 40 years, bringing new music to diverse audiences worldwide and inspiring scores of composers to create works for clarinet and various media... These works are all about pacing, and Gerry Errante understands pacing in the world of live electronics like few other performers. If the digital sound worlds in this CD seem to take on more analog/human qualities than you thought possible, it is because of Gerry Errante’s soulful expressiveness and consummate sensitivity, and his ability to boldly traverse that tightrope between the two worlds, thus bringing them together in a way few artists can; a delicate balance indeed.” The Clarinet
  • “Errante’s clarinet completes the mood music, with a perfect tone and control for the long legato phrases and is eloquent and communicative. ... The CD meets its objective in balancing ambience and interest, with both an immediate accessibility and the detail within the texture to satisfy repeated listening.” Clarinet & Saxophone
  • “Errante floats through the melodic material, showing off the clarity and beauty of his timbre... Errante effortlessly delivers a number of graceful flutter tongue passages as well, including a gentleness that at times becomes otherworldly... Errante’s performance is assured, engaging, and, as ever, lyrically apt... Errante’s performance here confidently demonstrates his lucidity with extended techniques and a vibrant darkness of the chalumeau register that few clarinetists can match... Errante’s tone, largely clear and brilliant throughout, seems perfectly fitting to ideals of reflection and primal rhythms... this album proves that slow, mixed-media music in the hands of a tremendous performer and exponent of new music, as well as ten stylistically varied composers, can... be compelling... this album represents yet another delicate balance between cautious innovation and effective convention... With recordings dating back to 1991, Errante is easily the leading American clarinetist specializing in electro-acoustic performance practice.” SEAMUS (Society for Electro-Acoustic Music in the United States) Newsletter
  • “The pieces pair Errante’s solo playing with electronic backings that are full and often symphonic in character, and as the woodsy character of the clarinet is preserved, a clear contrast emerges between its acoustic sound and the oft-shimmering backdrops.
    The compositions are & eminently accessible in spirit. Much of Delicate Balance exudes a serene and mystical quality... Errante’s release is worth the attention of both clarinet and non-clarinet enthusiasts.” textura (
  • “Through all of these pieces, F. Gerard Errante maintains excellent control in blending the clarinet timbre with whatever electronics are present. It can be difficult to make calm music compelling but each piece, and Errante's playing, keep me listening.” Sequenza 21

“This CD is comprised of compositions for clarinet and electronics created by composer friends with whom I’ve collaborated over the years. These works are intended to be calm, peaceful and tranquil, perhaps being suitable for relaxation and contemplation. At the same time, these are compositions of substance that will be satisfying for active listening as well - hence the title of the CD. The wide diversity of styles and compositional techniques represented will appeal to a broad spectrum of listeners. It is my hope that this disc will provide many hours of enjoyment, and that repeated listening will reveal varied levels of musical discovery.” F.G.E.
Alex Shapiro Water Crossing 2002
Peter Terry Echoes of the Invisible 2003
Robert Scott Thompson Passage 2009
Jane Brockman Circles in the Sky 2002
Joseph Harchanko Breath 2005
Rob Mackay Equanimity 2009
McGregor Boyle Midway Inlet 2006
Judith Shatin Cherry Blossoms and a Wrapped Thing: After Hokusai 2006
Douglas Quin/F. Gerard Errante A Little Night Music 2009
D. Gause rain of the heart, reign of the soul 2009
Audio Sample: Water Crossing ; Composer: Alex Shapiro
Audio Sample: Echoes of the Invisible ; Composer: Peter Terry
Audio Sample: Circles in the Sky ; Composer: Jane Brockman
Audio Sample: rain of the heart, reign of the soul ; Composer: D. Gause
Beyond Noend with Errante
Beyond Noend with Errante
2000 Drimala Records
Beyond Noend with Errante - cover
  • “This CD from F. Gerard Errante is the most mellifluous and beguiling selection from the avant-garde that you are likely to encounter... Played with an attractively warm and rich sound and an exemplary technique Gerard Errante takes us by the hand into the 21st century, so that the challenge of new music is not the throwing down of a clanking iron gauntlet, but the sophistication of a suede glove.” Clarinet and Saxophone
  • “Clarinetist F. Gerard Errante offers more than just his warm sensual tone on Beyond Noend. The mix of musical styles ... displays the possibilities of the instrument in Errante’s unique personal manner. ... The electronic sections are terrific, and Errante’s performance is superb” The American Record Guide
  • “This CD is everything one has come to expect from Gerard Errante and much more! ... a real feast of exciting, exotic and often daring sounds and contemporary techniques produced both on clarinet and by electronic means, all performed to perfection” Australian Clarinet and Saxophone
  • “F. Gerard Errante is an accomplished clarinetist who has performed extensively in the United States and internationally, focusing on contemporary composition. Here, he is featured in a highly attractive set of what appears at first blush to embody "classical crossover," but which is actually an exciting blend of black stick, synthesizers, and electronics in settings ranging from pastoral to vigorously adventurous. Errante boasts a full, sweet tone, and he negotiates some prickly passages that test his abilities. Pieces include a daring and emotional memorial to humanitarian Phil Egart, entitled "Silent Tears"; the second movement of a gorgeous sonata by Jack Delano originally written for viola; and a fascinating movement from Mark Carlson's "The Hall of Mirrors," incorporating a kind of fusion of pop and classical elements. The electronic elements are tastefully added, so that the overall effect has a serious, though engagingly modern ring.” iTunes Preview
Audio Sample: Silent Tears ; Composer: F. Gerard Errante
Audio Sample: Tagore Songs ; Composer: Jane Brockman
Audio Sample: Twilight ; Composer: Mark Carlson
Shadows of Ancient Dreams
Shadows of Ancient Dreams
F. Gerard Errante, Clarinetist
1997 Capstone Records
Shadows of Ancient Dreams - cover
  • “Clarinetist, composer, world traveler, teacher, and past I.C.A. President Gerry Errante is world renowned for his innovative and stellar performances. In Shadows of Ancient Dreams he puts all his many talents to use and introduces listeners to outstanding new music.” The Clarinet
  • “It’s safe to say that you’ve never heard clarinet the way clarinetist F. Gerard Errante performs in Shadows of Ancient Dreams ... a wonderful exercise ... Errante’s electric clarinet magic.” 20th Century Music
Audio Sample: Shadows of Ancient Dreams ; Composer: F. Gerard Errante
Audio Sample: Milk Teeth ; Composer: Michael Lowenstern
Electric Clarinet
electric clarinet
burton beerman
f. gerard errante
1991 Capstone Records
Electric Clarinet - cover
  • “If there is any hope for contemporary music, it is because of albums like this. ... this is all music that manages to retain an artistic integrity while at once being truly entertaining. That is no small feat. ... F. Gerard Errante explores this engaging impressionism with gorgeous legato playing and a subtle sense for the mythic duality.” Fanfare
  • “There is whimsy, pomposity, drama, intergalactic space music and plenty of attractive lyrical solo work here, making this one of the most enjoyable avant-garde wind discs to come my way in a long time.” Windplayer
  • “Errante plays with wonderful grace and style.” The Clarinet
Audio Sample: Narcissus ; Composer: Thea Musgrave

Time to Burn
Time to Burn
2014 Innova Recordings 845
Time to Burn - cover
Judith Shatin Grito del Corazón     
Imaginary Friends
Imaginary Friends
Music for Instuments and Computer
2012 Ravello Records
Imaginary Friends cover
  • “Errante gives a steady and powerful performance, with a heat and anxiety just beneath the idyllic surface of much of the work.” SEAMUS Newsletter
Audio Sample: Chant/songe for clarinet and computer ; Composer: Andrew May
CDCM Computer Music Series Vol. 39
Music from the University of North Texas Center for Experimental Music and Intermedia
CDCM Computer Music Series Vol. 39
2012 Centaur Records
CRC 3219
Music from the University of North Texas; Center for Experimental Music and Intermedia - cover
Audio Sample: Gerry Rigged (2004) for clarinet and electronics ; Composer: Jon Nelson
Music from SEAMUS
The Society for Electro-Acoustic Music in the United States
Music from SEAMUS
SEAMUS 15 cover
Audio Sample: Chant/Songe (2004) composition for clarinet and computer ; Composer: Andrew May
Ottuplo! Larry Austin: The Eighth Decade
SoundPortraits * Convolutions * Cityscape
2006 Centaur Records, CRC 2830
Ottuplo cover
Audio Sample: Adagio - Convolutions on a Theme by Mozart ; Composer: Larry Austin
Third Practice
Third Practice: Commissions and Premieres
New Music from the Third Practice Festival of Electro-Acoustic Music at the
Univ. of Richmond
2004 Centaur Records
Third Practice cover
Audio Sample: Gerrymander - for B-flat clarinet and MAX/MSP ; Composer: Russell Pinkston
CDCM Computer Music Series Vol. 29
Music from the Virginia Center for Computer Music University of Virginia
CDCM Computer Music Series Vol. 29
1999 Centaur Records
CRC 2454
Music from the Virginia Center for Computer Music; University of Virginia - cover
  • “The performances are good, especially clarinetist F. Gerard Errante who continues to excel in music of this vein” The American Record Guide
Audio Sample: Sea of Reeds (1997) for clarinet with extension and live electronics ; Composer: Judith Shatin
1994 Apollo Records
ACD 049413
Oropendola - cover
Douglas Quin Yasashi Kaze     

Music Visions
Music Visions
1994 Capstone Records
CPS- 8601
Music Visions  - cover
Reynold Weidenaar Night Flame Ritual     
Contemporary Clarinet
Contemporary Clarinet
1988 Capstone Records LP
Contemporary Clarinet - cover
Jon Appleton The Endless Melody     
F. Gerard Errante Another Look at October
William O. Smith Asana
Adolphus Hailstork A Simple Caprice
Roger Greive Clarinet Chromatron     
Unaccompanied Solos for Clarinet Vol. IV
Unaccompanied Solos for Clarinet Vol. IV
1985 Mark Educational Recordings LP
MES 38084
Unaccompanied Solos for Clarinet Vol. IV  - cover
William O. Smith
F. Gerard Errante
Solo for Clarinet with Delay System
Souvenirs de Nice
Chamber Music for Clarinets Vol. 3
Chamber Music for Clarinets Vol. 3
1983 Mark Educational Recordings LP
MES 38086
Piece for Clarinet “Alone” - cover
Dana Wilson Piece for Clarinet “Alone”     
Spring in the Harbor
Spring in the Harbor
1972 Composers Recordings LP
CRI SD 292
Spring in the Harbor - cover
Sydney Hodkinson The Dissolution of the Serial